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The SOLUÇÕES INDUSTRIAIS portal aims to facilitate the contact between the industries and their potential customers, in addition to keeping them updated with innovations and the latest news on the industrial market.

It is the way to generate interaction dynamically and efficiently, where your Industry can show the quality and benefits of your products and services. The SOLUÇÕES INDUSTRIAIS portal is the interactive showcase of your Industry, because it is an excellent option to advertise your products to a large number of buyers and sales representatives in various locations in Brazil and abroad, with great visibility.

By registering your Industry in the portal you have total comfort and control of the ads of your products and services. Your registration is simple and without complication can highlight your products and view detailed reports on each of them.


And we did not stop here. Its Industry has the possibility to publicize the events in which it participates to exhibit its products, and to schedule online lectures for users of the INDUSTRIAL SOLUTIONS portal on subjects related to its field of activity.

The Buyer also has a prominent place. Everything was thought to make the search for agile and efficient industrial products or services, with objective information about the industries and their products, besides allowing the request of budgets, the comparison of similar products and the direct contact with the Suppliers industry.

The SOLUÇÕES INDUSTRIAIS portal is part of Grupo Ideal Trends, composed of five companies directly linked to business and technology and has directors with vast experience in the industrial and internet market.


    The digital medium has become a true online market, where a large part of the population carries out their purchases and quotations. It was in this scenario that the buying and selling platforms appeared. The Portal is one of those platforms and its main focus is the generation of greater business opportunities, where with just one click it is possible to carry out different types of procedures.

    Today, the digital medium has become the largest commercial showcase for customer relationships. Knowing this, Industrial Solutions is present in the main channels used by buyers: Searchers, Social Networks, Blogs, among other digital platforms, giving greater visibility to their products and services generating greater business opportunities.

    Consumers are more demanding, and more and more informed. Therefore, creating relevant content becomes extremely critical to winning over new customers. The Soluções Industriais Portal works with the content marketing strategy in the descriptions of the products, informing, describing and taking out possible doubts of their potential clients.

  • SEO
    Research shows that a large proportion of users navigate to the second page of search engines. Soluções Industriais understands this need of its customers, so it uses the most advanced techniques that positions its products and services in the organic search of search results, generating more traffic and business opportunities.

    Social networks are fundamental channels for online dissemination, since they have a large number of connected users. Knowing this, Soluções Industriais uses the main networks to give more visibility to your brand and its products, facilitating the contact with potential clients, besides giving more relevance and credibility to your company before the market.

    The sponsored link used in conjunction with organic search allows the site more immediate visibility for expanding your business into online mechanisms for prospecting customers who are buying when using the internet. An efficient strategy, used to accelerate and guarantee Industrial Solutions customers effective results.


Through digital marketing, you will be ahead of your competition, expanding your brand and being closer to your customers and potential customers, and ensuring a growing increase in your revenue. However, to achieve all this, it is necessary to invest in the platform that best fits with your segment, such as Industrial Solutions.

A company that is part of the Ideal Trends Group, composed of five companies directly connected with business and technology, with an extremely qualified team, committed and with vast experience in the digital market.

Whether you leverage sales of your business through digital marketing, Industrial Solutions is the most complete tool for your business. Your company focuses on selling and Industrial Solutions in generating the new opportunities!